I.V. Sedation Procedures / General Anesthesia

San Diego, CA Dr. Steven Podstreleny | Poway, CA Dr. Holly Hatt

Dr. S. Steven Podstreleny and Dr. Holly D. Hatt are specialists in the oral surgery procedure: sedation dentistry in San Diego and  Poway, CA. The doctor, makes every effort to administer local anesthetics (Novocaine) in a slow, gentle and comfortable manner, thus eliminating any pain that may accompany dental treatment. The duration of numbness after treatment varies from patient to patient and what drug was used. Generally the numbness wears off after 2 to 3 hours. Patients must be careful to watch out for chewing or biting of inner cheeks or tongue, which can become injured.

Patients who have a high level of anxiety that interferes with the cooperation necessary for the dentist to perform treatment may require some level of sedation. Sedation is also helpful for special needs patients. There are many safe and effective drugs available today that can help relax the patient and promote a good environment for optimal and safe dental treatment.

Conscious sedation is an option for patients who are six years of age or more and are mildly apprehensive. This highly effective method can be administered in oral form or in an inhalation method using nitrous oxide (N20-02).

Deep sedation is sometimes necessary for patients that are unable, by either age or maturity level, to cooperate during dental treatment.

Our practice utilizes a certified anesthesiologist for cases where the patient may pose a threat to their own safety during treatment. This will be discussed with patient before treatment to ensure the optimum beneficial outcome.

Sedation Dentistry is most helpful for:

  • Patients who require major treatment
  • The very anxious patient
  • Patients that have had traumatic dental experiences (sound and smell aversion)
  • Patients with a strong gag reflex
  • Patients who are medically compromised or who are mentally handicapped